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Eyebrows' Correction

Eyebrow shaping plays an important role in makeup. It essentially changes the facial expression. Depanding on the fact what form eyebrows have face expression can be kind, surprised or wondered. According to the makeup artists if you want to change the appearance without plastic surgery, shape eyebrows. Besides eyebrows also have a protective function: They protect our eyes from dust and perspiration. Therefore, their care becomes even more important. Eyebrow shaping vary in different periods of time. For example in 40's, eyebrow shaping was considered fashionable when it looked like a line, later -when it had the shape of arch, then thick and wide eyebrows were treated as fashionable but in the 20th century natural eyebrows became fashionable. By saying natural eyebrows they understand drawn eyebrows without protruding hairs and their color should be a shade or two lighter than hairs. Generally beautiful are those brows which are groomed and natural. In this regard it is important before the eyebrow shaping take into account the client's face shape and age characteristics. It should be noted that although there are certain existing eyebrow shaping forms and characteristics a positive result depands not on the fashion tendency but on the makeup artistic talent and on the ability to select the necessary shape for the appropriate face. Eyebrows need daily care. Do not forget to clean the eyebrows with the face before going to bed. It is also necessary to comb the eyebrow like hairsbutfirst to the opposite direction then to their direction.


Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension means prolongation or augmentationof natural eyelash through artificial eyelashes. Prolonged eyelashes give unique beauty to eyes and are practical because there is no need to use mascara then to wash it every evening or worry in rainy weather.The main procedure is that with the help of special glue artificial eyelashes are applied to the eyelash root. These artificial eyelashes can be of three types according to their form-short /8 mm /, medium / 10 mm /, long / 12 mm /. From the above mentioned the medium size is used more often because it looks more natural. There are two ways of extension eyelashes: full strips and so called Japanese method. Japanese method is more commonly used. Japanese method is the process when the makeup artist applies the artificial eyelashes individually to the root of the natural eyelash. The duration of wearing false eyelashes lasts 2 -3 months with the condition that a necessary arises to make refilling once after 2-3 week: According to the type of material artificial eyelashes can be of two types - artificial and natural (eg. norka fur). Artificial eyelashes off polyester are not desirable because nylon threads used in them can cause allergy. In order to wear artificial eyelash long enough you should take care for them following some important rules. There are several contradictions, which our specialists thoroughly inform customers about.


Eyebrow Colouring

The correct adjustment and dye of the eyebrow and eyelash express a harmony and give unique beauty to women. According to the modern imagenation dyeing eyebrow means to make the color of eyebrows more expressive with the help of chemical or natural dyes. It is made to underline the eyebrows keeping their natural look. That is the reason that the right choice of color is very important. The first condition to follow is the color of skin and hair. In order to look natural you should dye your eyebrow two tones darker than the color of hair. In our beauty salon the whole procedure of dyeing eyebrow lasts 10-15 minutes and if the client is the first time to pass this procedure in our salon we pass a small test on allergy to carry out the reaction on the dyeing process. In Elite Care Beauty House for dyeing eyebrows we use only Estel Professional brand dyes. In fact, premature aged or sun pale eyebrows and lashes are much more reliable to make darker through sustainable paint or tattoo.


Lash Colouring

The permanent dye of eyelashes allows keeping the bright color of the eyelashes from two weeks to a month. There is an old-fashioned view that a color of a dye should be one or two tones darker than the natural color of the eyelashes. However, it is possible to paint them brown, even the green-blue shades. Modern paints are safe and will not damage the lashes. They even contain moisturizing and nourishing elements lashes. Visiting Elite Care Beauty Salon, you will receive high quality care and safe eyelash dyeing.



Makeup means "Decorate Yourself", which comes from the French word ‘’Make up’’. It is implemented with cosmetics and is used to emphasize facial beauty or hide its flaws: Make up is the special way to hide the traces of facial changes, fatigue. It's hard to imagine modern woman without makeup. Woman appearance play great role not only in her private life but also in her career. The lack of make up or the excess of striking manifestations can restrict woman's career growth. There are two types of make up: daily cosmetics and professional makeup (screenings, shooting, photo shoot and special events): Daily cosmetics are necessary for everyone first for daily skin care, and secondly, for looking beautiful. It should be simple and neat. Excessive crying makeup in a workplace will cause doubt about your serious attitude towards your work. People may think that such woman pays more attention to her appearance than to her work; others will think that she comes to work to show her appearance but the male colleagues will treat her as a woman with light behavior. The specialists of Elite Care Beauty Salon do their best to provide the clients with the best service. That is the reason we use only the European brand cosmetics and pay great attention to the improvement of professional skills.



The word Tattoo that means a sign or picture comes from the island of Tahiti: Tattoo art is pretty used by the ancient Egyptians. This is approved by the traces of tattoo on mummies. In the ancient time tattoo was a symbol of tribe and all the members of tribe were signed by this symbol. With the help of tattoo it is possible to differentiate to what culture a man belongs; besides tattoo is used as a mascot. This was contrary to ancient Greece and Rome where the slaves and criminals were signed by tattoo to distinguish them from others. Over time, tattoo is treated as a mean of art which helps to look fashionable. Tattoo is used to emphasize every face with its specific features making it more beautiful and charming. Tattoo allows correcting every scar and traces of plastic surgery as well as. Depending on the specifics of skin tattoo maintains a few years. The specialist of Elite Care Beauty House do only eyebrow, eye and lip tattoos, through which you can not only get your preferable color but also enhance their volume and shape them the way you want. For example eyebrow tattoo need arises when they are sparse and it is impossible to recover. Our experts will provide you to choose a necessary pigment corresponding to your age and skin color in order not to make tattoo different from the actual color.