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Hardware Cosmetology


ELOS Epilation

Elite Care Beauty House provides a unique opportunity to benefit from the most effective hair removal technology-ELOS epilation. It is a technology which is the combination of optical and electrical impulses: IPL + RF. The optical energy absorbing by the hair pigment melany heats the hair follicles increasing the external propagation of skin cells. Then the energy of electrical pulses connects immediately which penetrating more deeply, affects the target cells continuing to heat follicles till its maximum temperature and hair destruction. ELOS- is safe and very comfortable, but there is a number of contraindications. The specialists of Elite Care beauty salon before starting the procedure will discuss everything in details to overcome the possible contradictions and avoid unwanted incidents


Elos rejuvenation

Regardless of the fact how the skin is taken care of, there comes a time when it is necessary to rejuvenate it. One of the most effective methods applied in Elite Care Beauty Salon for skin rejuvenation is ELOS rejuvenation, which is based on the simultaneous exposure of light and radiofrequency wave radiation. Light wave gently heats the upper skin tissue increasing its conductivity. As a result, the therapeutic electrical energy gets a chance to penetrate deep into the skin without damaging the tissues, activating collagen and elastin formation process. As it is known, these two major proteins of human skin decrease parallel with age, which causes the skin to lose elasticity and to age. That is why ELOS–technology promotes skin rejuvenation by helping to restore the intensity of the protein synthesis. Standard treatment includes 4-6 procedures. After each procedure a 21-45 day break is given.



Thermolifting is the reduction of skin tissues and activation of fibroblasts upon their exposure to heat. Blood circulation and metabolism contribute to it, as well as to updating the old cells with new ones. Externally, it is expressed by stretching of the skin and smoothing the wrinkles, with its anti-cellulite effect, which in cosmetology is called rejuvenation. In Elite Care Beauty House Infrared Thermolifting (IR) is carried out , which is characterized by up to 5 mm harmless infrared wavelength penetration and influence. The procedure is recommended up to 35 -year old aging skin. This technology differs from other rejuvenation technologies primarily due to the fact that the result is visible after 1-2 procedures. The whole course consists of 3-5 treatments, after which the cell regeneration and recreation continues within 6 months and the result is saved for 2 years. However, for prophylactic purposes it is recommended to pass the specified procedure1-2 times a year.



At Elite Care Beauty House, our visitors can enjoy Microdermabrasion and have beautiful skin. Microdermabrasion is a kind of mechanical peeling, which is carried out through a special apparatus with the help of Almaz ( "Diamond") heads. The latter, by touching the skin, removes dead cells from the epidermis horn layer, which in its turn improves blood circulation, thus the skin becomes smooth, soft and elastic, and after 2-6 procedures skin rejuvenation is observed. It is applied in the following cases: hyper pigmentation caused by age, small wrinkles and scars.



Nowadays cavitation is often referred to as "non-surgical liposuction", as it is considered to be the only non-surgical treatment, which directly affects the fatty tissue. It is also the most efficient and safest way to get rid of excess weight. The result is evident after the first procedure: body volume decreases up to 2-6 cm. One procedure lasts for 50-60 minutes. Cavitation is a wonderful way to get rid of excess weight. It is almost a liposuction, but without surgical intervention. Cavitation is a set of procedures that does not require anesthesia, as it is virtually painless. One important factor to be taken into consideration is that it does not leave any trace (scars) on the body. We kindly invite you to Elite Care beauty Salon to use this effective procedure.


Ultrasonic cleaning

Facial Cleansing is an important cosmetic procedure that removes skin blemishes, comedones and the surface grease which harm the skin by blending with the environmental dust. The skin "breathes" and acquires a fresh look after the treatment. At Elite Care Beauty House facial cleansing is performed by Ultrasonic method, which, unlike the Mechanical, Chemical and Vaccum ones has its advantages. Firstly facial Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for all skin types, problematic skin and greasy ones, once or twice a month. It helps to ease the following problems : oversweating, over sebum production, facial pallor, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, hyperkeratose and dry skin. Of course there are also some contraindications that our specialists would inform.



Darsonvalization is a type of physiotherapy which under the impact of fast fading impulse with a high-frequency / 110-400 KHz / leaves a positive effect on human skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle tissue. Device voltage reaches thousands of volts in the case when the current is just milliampere. It should be noted that during the work a small amount of ozone is produced in such a way like a thunderstorm, which is known as a mean of bactericide. This method was invented by french physicist Arsen Darsonvale. It was used by the Soviet Union and then was widely spread in physiotherapy. During local darsonvalization the current is transmitted from the device into human body through the glass vacuum compensator-electrode. In fact the electrical discharge occurs between the electrodes and the skin which leaves healing effect on human beings. First and foremost, it stimulates the blood circulation, regulates blood vessels, capillaries and muscle tone, regulates vegetative nervous system functions and metabolism, lowers arterial pressure, and helps the inflammatory process improvement. The method is also applied in modern cosmetology, for example pre-stimulating blood circulation any cream, gel effectively dissolves in skin. It is also very effective to combine massage with darsonvalization. Darsonvalization makes the skin more elastic, which is an excellent method against wrinkles and cellulites, it strengthens the hair roots. Darsonvalization also has contraindications. It does not apply in the case of cancer, atherosclerosis and to the severe cases of hypertonia, cardiac arrhythmia, epilepsy and pregnancy.



Electroepilation is a process of burning the root of hair through the influence of electric power, which stops the hair growth process in future. Electric current is transmitted through a special needle-electrode, which is originally introduced into the skin to a depth of about 1-5 mm in 1.5 sec duration. Electroepilation is one if not the most reliable method among the existing methods to get rid of unwanted hair. It removes all kinds of hair regardless of skin type and hair color with great efficiency. However, the main advantage of this side it has a few drawbacks compared to photoepilation. First, it is very painful. For this reason clients do anesthesia quite often. The second disadvantage is that after electrolysis skin incites and turns to red and for recovery needs some time. The third defect is that it requires a long time. And the latest is that the desirable outcome depends on qualification and professional skills of specialists. Visiting Elite Care beauty salon, you'll be truly effective in our professional and excellent work.