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Mask(for face)

In Elite Care Beauty House our visitors will have an opportunity to try modern methods for facial care and will have access to solve skin various problems starting from lack of moisture to the skin age wrinkles. The most common problems is dry skin of face which is very sensitive to unfavorable factors of environment. Dry skin has need of daily and especially right care because it can cause appearance of premature wrinkles. First of all, you have to start from the process of skin peeling which is the process of removing dead cells from the surface of skin, which leaves usually an impression of dry skin. Then you need to hydrate skin with the help of special lubricants or sprey, after which you can use some masks.We use professional and home care products of firm Christina.


Face Massage

Cosmetic massage of face keeps the muscle of the face pulled and retains its shape, improves skin color, removes the dead tissues, enhances blood circulation and contributes the bringing out of carbon dioxide from subcutaneous capillary while oxygen penetrates into there, thereby refreshing cells: There are some types of massages that are: classic, vacuum, drainage massage, shiatsu, ultrasound, shaping, and plastic. Each application depends on the human condition and situation. Although their differences, all these types solve a common problem: skin rejuvenation and body improvement: Elite Care Beauty Salon applies only the classical massage of face, which is the most common method of skin freshing. We recommend applying this service especially after the beautician performed some procedures and worked on the face. Experts often recommend 3-5 minute facial massages for wrinkle elimination. It is preferable also to combine with a facial mask.


Neck Massage

There is a neck shiatsu and cosmetic massage. Shiatsu massage requires a deep knowledge of human anatomy, as impacting on the active centers of the neck it is possible to configure some functions of organs. For example, it is possible to eliminate the tension of organism or headache. Here, in Elite Care Beauty House our specialists perform only cosmetic massage of neck. The woman's age is betrayed not only by face and hands but the neck as well as. So-called ring of years can appear on the tree stump and on neck as well as. Therefore right cosmetic massage of a neck is intended to correct the problem. However, should be noted that the neck massage can be trusted with very little beauty salons. The point is that this is a part of the thyroid gland, which is known to be very sensitive organ. It is not allowed to make pressure on it because any pressure on the gland means its excessive activation. Therefore, the ignorant approach instead of benefit can cause a great damage to the body.


Head Massage

If you quickly get tired, nervous, you suffer from headaches and your hair grows slowly, massage of head is just you need because it hepls you to overcome all these problems. Right massage of head positively affects on the entire body. First of all, it stimulates the blood circulation, which supplies oxygen to the brain cells and root of hair, nourishing them, as a result of which hair become strength and healed. Also massage of head regulates sleep, improves memory, takes off a nervous tension, activates the immune system, increases efficiency, regulates arterial pressure, improves vision and lowers eye pressure. In the case of right massage the hand movements should be directed to the blood and lymph flow, as well as to coincide with the direction of hair growth. It should be noted that during active head massage the functions of glands of scalp become more active. Therefore, in order not to have greasy hair after massage it is recommended to wash them in an hour. And why to wait an hour: because after massage these glands can produce fat even an hour later. There are some contradictions to head massage: It is not allowed to apply in the case of fungal skin diseases, head injuries, high blood pressure, eczema and purulent inflammation.


Relax massage

Massage appeared in traditional medicine long ago and it is considered to be a disease prevention and treatment measure for many illnesses. Classical or relaxation massage has many positive effects on the body; particularly it drastically relieves muscle tension and regulates the nervous system. It is a great way to relieve stress. Specialists at Elite Care Beauty Salon will also help you to ease joint pains through the massage.


Anti-cellulite massage

According to current understanding cellulite is defined as structural changes of hypodermic fatty fibers in the abdominal part and waist. It is usually considered women's age problem, which causes many inconveniences and health problems. Anti-cellulite massage is an effective method to combat cellulite, because it stimulates blood microcirculation. It should also be mentioned that at Elite Care Beauty Salon it takes approximately 30-40 minutes and it is absolutely painless and harmless.


Ear Piercing

Ear piercing comes from very ancient times, as a proof can be brought the studies of mummies: Sumerians, ancient Egyptians and many other ancient people wore earrings. Nowadays it is widespread and it is difficult to imagine women without earrings. Generally ear piercing can be done indifferent parts of the ear, but in Elite Care Beauty House ear piercing is done only on the parts mentioned in the picture below. Note that we offer a wide range of earrings of Studex firm.



The bioepilation is the method of removing unwanted hair which comes from the ancient times of Egyptian queen Ne Fertiti. Ancient Egyptians covered the body with a special cream, waits until it becomes dry and then tear it with hair to the opposite direction of hair growth. In nowadays bioepilations is made through honey. Although the bio epilation is a painful procedure it requires very little time, it is simple and has almost no contraindications in contrast to other methods. However, the procedure requires a lot of skill; otherwise there will be bruises on the skin: In Elite Care Beauty House hair removing procedure is done with professional waxes that allow you to make safe Bioepilation even in such sensitive skin areas such as underarms. The regular use of this method brings to the damage of hair root and as a result hair will gradually disappear.



Paraffin therapy is very useful procedure for skin; it solves different problems of skin. Its influence you can feel in the very next minute, the essence of the procedure is that any part of the skin is covered with heated paraffin, which helps to smooth and to tighten a skin. This procedure soothes and moisturizes the skin, restores the epidermis, eliminates toxins, stimulates blood circulation. In paraffin therapy cosmetic paints are not used. In Elite Care Beauty Salon our specialists apply only paraffin therapy for face and hands.