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templatemo Nowadays cutting-edge hairstyle implies a classic ‘do with hair accessories or tresses in the style of 40’s , as well as the Retro style and lately also the Oriental style. In any case, the beautification of your hair is the only objective of Elite Care Beauty Salon hair team.

ELOS-epilation and rejuvenation

templatemoElite Care Beauty House services the Gyumri clientele putting to use the most effective ELOS-epilation technology. The latter is based on simultaneous IPL+RF optic and electric impulses. ELOS is both safe and comfortable.


imageNowadays cavitation is often referred to as "non-surgical liposuction", as it is considered to be the only non-surgical treatment, which directly affects the fatty tissue. It is also the most efficient and safest way to get rid of excess weight. The result is evident after the first procedure: body volume decreases up to 2-6 cm. One procedure lasts for 50-60 minutes. Cavitation is a wonderful way to get rid of excess weight. It is almost a liposuction, but without surgical intervention. Cavitation is a set of procedures that does not require anesthesia, as it is virtually painless. One important factor to be taken into consideration is that it does not leave any trace (scars) on the body. We kindly invite you to Elite Care beauty Salon to use this effective procedure.


imageDear women, you are very welcome to Elite Care Beauty Salon to try permanent make-up (eyebrow and lip tattooing). You can fully trust our skilled specialist in accomplishing this difficult task.


image Thermo lifting is a type of procedure through which the skin is stretched and leveled, which is called rejuvenation in cosmetology . Elite Care Beauty Salon offers infrared (IR) Thermo lifting which is safe and effective. In addition, the result is immediately visible and is saved for 2 years.


image Elite Care Beauty House uses Make-Up Atelier Paris professional cosmetics. Which is a famous brand in the make-up world. Its founder is the famous make-up artist Hellen Kane. She first opened “The Make-Up Artist’s Centre” in Paris in 1986. Then, in 1989, she founded “Make-Up Atelier Paris”, on the basis of her own lab. The advantage of the brand is that the products are universal and provide an unprecedented result due to the abundance of colourants in its content. Besides, the innovative process provides make-up artist with new creative prospects.


image Microdermabrasion In Elite Care Beauty Salon, our visitors can enjoy microdermabrasion and have beautiful skin. Microdermabrasion is a kind of mechanical peeling, which is carried out through a special apparatus with the help of Almaz ( "Diamond") heads. The latter, by touching the skin, removes dead cells from the epidermis horn layer, which in its turn improves blood circulation, thus the skin becomes smooth, soft and elastic, and after 2-6 procedures skin rejuvenation is observed. It is applied in the following cases: hyper pigmentation caused by age, small wrinkles and scars.



Phyto barrel is compact and efficient equipment for SPA procedures. It is a true resort. Our Phyto barrel is made of Siberian Cedar tree. The natural oils intended for the procedure and the barrel mentioned are the products of Russian RosKedr company. The procedure is as follows: the oils are mixed with water beforehand. Then the water is heated in the generator to a boiling level in order to create steam (vapor). After which the vapor, which is mixed with the oils, is driven to the phyto barrel. The whole effectiveness of it is conditioned by the existence of biologically active substances such as amino acids, vitamins and microelements. By regularly sitting in the barrel for 15-20 minutes, you really get better, get rid of many health problems and excess weight. The whole article is available in Services Section


Gift cards
In the Elite Care Beauty House you can get gift cards worth 5000,10000,15000, 20000 AMD and present to the close friends.
A patriotic make-up
Tomorrow, May 3, Elite Care Beauty House invites our patriotic girls for a free patriotic make-up.


Sale of conditioning agent of face of the firm of Christina
In the Elite Care Beauty House professional and house conditioning agents of the person of the Israeli firm Christina are offered.